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In the middle of Copenhagen's vibrant city life, 32-year-old Cecilie Nissen Haugaard lives with her husband, Christopher, and their two daughters, Noelle and Isabel.

Cecilie is originally from Odense but has lived in various big cities both in her birth country, Denmark, and abroad. Currently, she has made the Danish capital her home base, where she operates as a self-employed professional when not travelling the world for her career as a model.


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"To me, a home truly feels like one when it's adorned with personally selected items that reflect the identity of the family living there. This includes paintings, books, and furniture, among other things. The nostalgic feeling of my childhood also resonates strongly whenever the decor evokes those cherished memories.

Therefore, it was natural for me to furnish my home with Tine K Home's furniture, as I was brought up in that specific interior design ambiance. Recently, my family and I moved into a stunning apartment in Copenhagen, offering a picturesque view of the canals.

Since it is a new development, we have taken it upon ourselves to infuse the space with an inviting atmosphere. Given the newness of the apartment, it was crucial for me that the interior design featured furniture imbued with warmth and character, which I find synonymous with Tine K Home's aesthetic. I adore the close-to-nature essence that their furniture exudes, even in the heart of the bustling city.

In collaboration with the stylists from Tine K Home, I believe we have crafted a space that serves as a nurturing backdrop for me and my family - a place that encourages relaxation and a sense of belonging."

- Cecilie Haugaard



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