If you are looking for a stylish furniture where you can relax in the summer, then you have come to the right page. We have a variety of elegant sunbeds in different designs and matching mattresses in different colors. No matter if you prefer a bamboo look or a more robust look for your sunbed you should take a look at our selection of sunbeds, you might be inspired to get your next purchase right here at Tine K Home. 

A selection of sunbeds in different styles 

We have different kinds of sunbeds in our selection, but a bamboo sunbed is a popular choice. This is especially due to the following qualities found in a bamboo sunbed:
•    Beautiful Scandinavian style
•    Handmade with a personal touch
•    Comfortable to lie in
•    A very natural look
•    Easy to integrate in home décor
•    Long lasting quality materials.

It is important for us that you have a comfortable experience no matter which sunbed you choose. This is why we care so much about the above-mentioned qualities. 
A bamboo sunbed is comfortable to relax in and it is very visually pleasing as well as stylish. The elegant straight lines of the bamboo sunbeds further supports that it is in a modern Scandinavian style. The sunbeds come in different sizes so that some are even fit for two people. For some models you can also choose the direction of the sunbed, which means whether the headboard should be on the right or the left. This is the case with our beautiful bamboo lounge bed.
Our bamboo sunbed model is popular as stated, but if you want a chunkier look, we also have other sunbeds that are made from another type of wood. This may then be a better fit for you if you like a dark look that still shows off the natural wood. 

Get a matching mattress in your preferred color

When you are looking for the right sunbed whether it be a bamboo sunbed or not, you still need the perfect mattress, luckily you get a mattress with you when you buy your sunbed right here. The mattresses are specially made for the sunbeds, so the size will fit like a glove. Furthermore, we have a small selection of simple colors that you can choose from for the mattress you want to your sunbed. These colors are white, grey and the dark phantom color.
A white colored mattress instantly gives you summer and vacation vibes. It looks simple and elegant with a bamboo sunbed. However, a darker color such as phantom will pop and give a completely different look, while it will still look elegant. The darker color makes it harder to notices any stains that might come from the usage. 
If you want to make the bed more colorful or even more comfortable, you can get some nice pillows in your preferred color to the sunbed. This way you get to give the sunbed a personal touch.

The simple, natural and raw materials

The materials used for the sunbeds differ, but noticeable is the use of natural materials such as wood and bamboo. This is really important to us at Tine K Home as we always try to create timeless and stylish elements where the materials are in focus. The materials used in the sunbeds are inspired by travels, traditions and cultures and the raw materials such as wood and bamboo certainly show this. 
The materials are also very practical and sturdy. As an example, look at bamboo. It has been used as furniture material for many years and it is a strong and ecological material. However, it is also a light material, that does not weigh too much. This means that you can easily move your bamboo sunbed around and place it according to the sun or the shade. 

Stylish design choice

It is no secret that we are heavily inspired by bohemian living and different traditions and cultures when we select our collections. This also shows in the beautiful bamboo sunbeds, that could soon be yours. Because of the simplicity, which is also found in many of our products, you can surely fit the beautiful sunbeds into your garden or house. Additionally, the sunbeds are beautifully made, and as all our bamboo furniture is handmade, each bamboo sunbed will be unique, and no two sunbeds will be completely alike. 
Not only would a sunbed in raw materials look good on its own, but it also goes very well with other products from Tine K Home, as we choose only high-quality items from timeless collections with botanical inspiration among others. Mix and match beautiful items as you see fit to create your own style. 
If you have any questions about the sunbeds do not hesitate to reach out to us, then we will try to answer your inquiries and help you to the best of our abilities.

The placement of the sunbed

Most people will of course think to put their bamboo sunbed outside. It is not hard to picture a nice summer day on the sunbed with a drink in hand. Eyes closed as the sun hits the skin and bird sing in the nearby trees. A sunbed is perfect for this purpose, and this might be the reason why so many thinks of the sunbed as an outdoor object.
However, one should not discard the idea of moving the bamboo sunbed inside to use it as a part of the design in the room. If you choose to have a bamboo sunbed inside it will definitely be an obvious spot for relaxation. Instead of a sunbed it might become more of a daybed. This can be a nice escape from a hectic daily life, where you can take a nap or read a good book and just relax. 
Right next to a big window is an obvious placement choice, as natural lighting will come in and hit the daybed, but it could also be spare bed in a guestroom or a rest place in the living room. This is something you should consider if you are contemplating a sunbed from us.

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