Our bamboo lounge sofa features a sleek and minimalist Scandinavian design with clean lines. Bamboo adds a warm and inviting touch to your home, effortlessly blending with Nordic decor due to its use of natural materials. Each piece of our bamboo furniture is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing intricate details and avoiding the use of screws and nails, resulting in unique variations. This bamboo sofa serves well both in the garden and as a comfortable daybed indoors.

To enhance its resilience against wind and weather, our bamboo furniture undergoes treatment with a water-based natural wood oil. For more information on how to treat and maintain bamboo furniture, please visit:

To ensure the utmost care for your new bamboo sofa, we recommend buying a cover that protects your cushions and furniture from light rain and evening dew. However, please note that the cover is not suitable for year-round use. It is not designed to withstand heavy rain or prolonged protection, as this may result in mold formation on the bamboo and cushions. During the off-season, we strongly recommend storing your bamboo furniture indoors. By keeping them covered and placed on a dry surface, their lifespan will be prolonged.

- 220x120xH70 cm
- Right-facing lounge sofa
- Incl. sand mattress in 85% cotton and 15% polyester
- The cushion is not waterproof, and we recommend that you store your cushions indoors when not in use


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Product specifications

Washing instruction Dry clean
Size 220x120xH70 cm
Materiel Bamboo
Colour ICA Sand

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