Napkins - We sell napkins with beautiful patterns and colors

Kitchen Napkins

Papernapkins, Ikat, grey (50 pcs)


Papernapkins, Ikat, phantom (50 pcs)


Papernapkins, Ikat, honey (50 pcs)


Papernapkins, Ikat, azul (50 pcs)


Napkin, 45x45 cm, 100% cotton, honey


Napkin, 45x45 cm, 100% cotton, kit


Napkin, 45x45 cm, 100% cotton, phantom


Napkins w. phantom trees


Napkin w. agave dots


Napkin w. phantom dots



Tine K Home is your distributor of interior of wonderful design, and in this context we sell napkins with the most beautiful patterns and colors. Our napkins can be just what you need to complete the dinner table. We can offer variants of different sizes and with prints that match all seasons. You can also find variants with trees, which are perfect for Christmas dinner. At Tine K Home, we make sure to look after the environment and the health of our customers. Therefore, our kitchen napkins are typically made from The Nordic Eco-label paper, bleached without the use of chlorine, and the prints are made with water-based color. In addition to paper napkins, we also offer products of 100% cotton and linen. These are just some of the examples of what you can find among our selection of napkins, so take a look below and find just the right variant for you. Our customer service is always ready with answers, if you have any questions.

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