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Hand lotion 500 ml, Mandarin


Hand soap 500 ml, Mandarin


Hand soap 500 ml, Botanic


Hand soap

If you need comfort, then you can spoil yourself with our selection of hand soaps, hand cream, and lotions. At Tine K Home, quality is our top priority, whether it is furniture, interior, or personal care. Our hand soaps are sold in stylish, simple dispensers and give both soft hands and a wonderful aroma for your surroundings. We carry variants with different scents, such as mandarin and the scent of a garden filled with flowers. Our amazing hand cream come with various scents; among others white tea and notes of anise. With a combination of our moisturizing hand cream and hand soaps, you can get silky smooth and fragrant skin, and our products do not contain any parabens. Click on the different care products and read more about what to expect. Of course, you are more than welcome to contact us, if you have questions regarding the selection, or if you want to know more about specific products.

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