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At TineKHome you will find a large selection of sofas there can fit you and your needs. You can find our large selection of sofas throughout the world in apartments, houses and large villas. Furthermore, you can find many of our sofas in hotels and restaurants in Denmark as well as Sweden and Italy. 

We have a large selection of covers in beautiful various colors. This means, that you can choose the color that suit you and your expression in your home.  Furthermore, you can choose between various sizes and customize your own sofa. You can therefore create an unique design. 

Sofas in Scandinavian simplicity 

At TineKHome you will find a large selection with our 12 covers in various colors and materials. All sofas from TineKHome are created with a Scandinavian simplicity in mind. They work as beautiful canvases for our cushions and throws that together creates an unique expression in your living room. Furthermore, they fit perfectly into many homes because of the large selection of colors, materials and sizes. At TineKHome we have a wide selection of lovely colors that makes it possible to design your own unique style. You can among others choose between smoke, white, phantom, kit, rose, grey and base as possible covers. You can find these covers and other colors, materials and sizes below in the color and size menu. 

The covers are removeable and can be bought separately. This function makes it possible for you to change the look of your sofa after your needs and wishes. With our large selection of variations and opportunities, you can change the cover so it matches your mood or season change. You can therefore, quickly and easily, change the expression and create a brand new look in your home, whether you want it to fit the season’s colors or the newest trend. Beneficial, this can be done every season, e.g. with a light cover in the summer and a dark cover in the winter. 

All sofas from TineKHome are order items and has a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after payment. 

Order guide: 

1.    Choose your sofa (base – without cover) and add it to your basket. 
2.    Afterwards, you choose the cover in the color menu and add it to your basket. 
3.    If you want a sofa in another size than the choices in our size menu, you can customize your sofa at TineKHome like you want. This gives you the opportunity to get the perfect fit for your needs and home. Send a mail to [email protected] if you want to customize and receive our formular for customized sofas. 


This product is an order item, which means we have 3-4 weeks delivery time after payment. To make an ORDER please reserve the product. Afterwards we will get back to you with a price and freight.  

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