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Kitchen Cutlery

SAVE 25% Marble plate

Marble plate

€51.20  €38.40
SAVE 25% Køkken dekoration, messing, 40 cm

Kitchen decoration, brass, 40 cm

€25.60  €19.20
SAVE 25% Køkken dekoration, messing, 28 cm

Kitchen decoration, brass, 28 cm

€25.60  €19.20
SAVE 25% Køkken dekoration, messing, 30 cm

Kitchen decoration, brass, 30 cm

€25.60  €19.20
SAVE 25% Kniv i rustfrit stål, 21,5 cm, mat

Knife in stainless steel, 21.5 cm, matte

€16.00  €12.00
SAVE 25% Teske i rustfrit stål, 13,5 cm, mat

Teaspoon in stainless steel, 13.5 cm, matte

€6.40  €4.80
SAVE 25% Spiseske i rustfrit stål, 20 cm, mat

Table spoon in stainless steel, 20 cm, matte

€8.80  €6.60
SAVE 25% Serverings sæt i rustfrit stål, 26 cm, mat

Serving set in stainless steel, 26 cm, mattte

€24.00  €18.00
SAVE 25% Salat sæt i rustfrit stål, 25 cm, mat

Salad set in stainless steel, 25 cm, matte

€24.00  €18.00
SAVE 25% Kniv i rustfrit stål, 24,5 cm, mat

Knife in stainless steel, 24.5 cm, matte

€16.00  €12.00
SAVE 25% Kage gaffel i rustfrit stål, 15,5 cm, mat

Cake fork in stainless steel, 15.5 cm, matte

€6.40  €4.80
SAVE 25% Dessert ske i rustfrit stål, 18 cm, mat

Dessert spoon in stainless steel, 18 cm, matte

€7.20  €5.40
SAVE 25% Dessert gaffel i rustfrit stål, 19 cm, mat

Dessert fork in stainless steel, 19 cm, matte

€7.20  €5.40
SAVE 25% Gaffel i rustfrit stål, 20,5 cm, mat

Fork in stainless steel, 20,5 cm, matte

€8.80  €6.60
SAVE 25% Grydeske i appelsintræ, L33, natural

Spoon in orange wood

€8.80  €6.60
SAVE 25% Risske i appelsintræ, L23, natural

Rice spoon, orange wood

€8.80  €6.60
SAVE 25% Palet i appelsintræ, L31, natural

Palette in wood

€8.80  €6.60
SAVE 25% Oliven ske i appelsintræ, L23, natural

Olive spoon in wood

€4.00  €3.00
SAVE 25% Citronpresser i appelsintræ, L18, natural

Lemon squeezer in wood

€9.60  €7.20


Here you see our selection of cutlery. If you are looking for the perfect cutlery for everyday use or for finer dining, our selection is the perfect place to look. We carry everything from tablespoons and knives to salad servers and forks. Our cutlery is made of stainless steel with an elegant matt surface. Furthermore, it has a nice weight to it, which makes it pleasant to use, and it feels exclusive in your hand. You can by cutlery separately or in sets, and should you need something specific for the dessert, we are also able to meet these needs. For instance, you can buy cake forks, dessertspoons, and elegant teaspoons – all made of stainless steel. Furthermore, we carry cutlery of different sizes, and with our prices you must not miss taking a look at our wide selection below. We are always happy to hear from you, if you want to hear more about our products, or if you have questions.

Tines style is a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living. Inspired by travel and nature, Tine combines colors and traditional crafts to collections that with their consistent Scandinavian simplicity fits so nicely in the times design trend. Tine K Home A/S was founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband Jacob Fossum.

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