Tine k home has a wide selection of glazed pots for indoor use, as well as large and small glazed garden pots. If you use the glazed jars in the garden, you must be aware that they must not be left outdoors in frosty weather, as there is a risk of the jars getting frost cracks. However, they are wonderful to use on the terrace in the summertime, with large green plants that bring life to your outdoor space. Glazed jars contribute a shiny look, in contrast to raw clay jars, which give a rough look with their detailed surface.

Glazed jars

If you are looking for glazed clay jars, at tinekhome we have a large selection of glazed jars in different colours and sizes. We have small and large jars with white glaze, grey glaze and terracotta-coloured glaze. I am therefore sure that you can find what you are looking for here with us. Use the small jars for a small herb in the kitchen, for fresh green plants, or let the jars appear clean and simple in their expression.


Large glazed jars


Our large glazed pots are wonderful to use for small trees and large green plants, the pots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. However, we recommend storing the jars inside in frosty weather to avoid frost cracks in the jars. Our large glazed jars are simple in expression, with a beautiful decorative rim at the top. In this way, the jars are beautiful to have standing out front even without trees and plants in them. The grey-glazed jars have a metallic look which reflects when the light hits them. This creates life and nuances in the pot's expression.


Small glazed jars


Small glazed jars are decorative to use in the interior, plant fresh flowers or green plants and place the jars around the home. The small glazed jars can also be used to store kitchen utensils or you can use the jars for beautiful flowers. In this way, you can give your jars more functions and move them around the home as needed.


Handmade jars


Several of our glazed jars are handmade from clay, making each jar unique. For the same reason, we typically recommend using a saucer, as the jars are handmade and thus small cracks and holes may occur. A saucer, ensure that the water does not run out onto the floor when you water.


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