At Tine K Home you can get a big selection of bamboo furniture. We provide everything from dining chairs, lounge furniture and tables in the sustainable material bamboo. All our chairs come with a soft and comfortable cushion, choose between white, grey, phantom or sand colour and get the expression you want. Create an inviting outdoor area on your tarrece with Tine K Home bamboo furniture, or use it indoors to get a touch of nature to your home decor. 


For you with the rustic, raw style. Or you who care about naturalness and sustainability. And you who lack an alternative to the traditional, dark and heavy wooden furniture. Tine K Home presents here our wide-ranging collection of bamboo furniture.


Furniture from Tine K Home is created based on Nordic principles of minimalist elegance and high quality. It's clean lines, sharp design and timeless shapes. To offset the Danish, rustic soil, we have added a warm, Vietnamese breeze to our furniture design, where bamboo is the central material.
Our bamboo furniture is created in the meeting between comfortable bohemian, botanic living and polished finesse, which gives you an authentic companion to the interior. These are local, Danish ideas and principles, but with a worldly touch and Vietnamese craftsmanship.

The bamboo furniture from Tine K Home is both unique and timeless in its design, but it not only provides a pleasant calm for the eye. Peace of mind is equally important. Therefore, our Vietnamese-made bamboo furniture is created according to sustainable standards without the use of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.
In addition, the plants for our bamboo furniture are harvested from Vietnamese fields in an environmentally friendly way, where only the stems are cut down so that the roots retain their integrity and can grow up again. We do not want to contribute unnecessarily to the felling and destruction of the planet's precious forests, which other methods can cause.


It is not only nature that must have high priority when our bamboo furniture comes to life. For Tine, it is also about the culture behind the material. When she creates her bamboo furniture, inspiration is found in the warm glow and authentic personality of other furniture designs from Vietnam, Morocco and Portugal. In addition to a little Scandinavian edge, cultural processing methods are also crucial for her. History, culture and nature can all be seen in Tine's bamboo furniture designs, which are also handmade by traditional craftsmen with high standards and generations of experience.


Bamboo is a strong plant that has the same properties as a tree. It is known for both hardness, durability and flexibility, which makes it eminent for furniture designs. We cultivate the naturalness of bamboo and would like to bring authentic nature into the interior. This can be seen in the surface of our bamboo furniture, where every scratch and scratch testify to each one's unique and exciting history and origin.
Our bamboo furniture is processed as little as possible. This happens without the use of chemicals to extend the life of the material, which is otherwise not unusual in furniture design. They are both harmful and destructive to the structure of the plant. Instead, we would rather highlight the personality that our bamboo furniture brings. They have a life and an origin before they landed with you.


The bamboo furniture from Tine K Home contributes with its simplicity to a harmonious interior that is airy, breathable and will maintain a pleasant elegance in the home. The interesting mix between Danish design and Vietnamese craftsmanship provides a breath of worldly inspiration that encourages freedom and relaxation.
We have taken the trouble to collect a wide range of bamboo furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can find different types on this page, including:


In our range of bamboo furniture, you will find a wide selection of bamboo chairs that are both comfortable to sit in and stylish as a beautiful interior. We have variants for the dining table, for the lounge and in the form of benches and stools, which are available with or without armrests.


With simple and gentle natural colours, a cushion for the bamboo chair is not only a softer experience but also a fine and unobtrusive element for the interior, which gives peace of mind and comfort to the back. They are all made of 100% cotton and are available in different sizes.


As an anchor element in the decor, you can also find airy bamboo tables with natural surfaces among our bamboo furniture. Our selection includes sofa tables, lounge tables, folding tables, dining tables and console tables in various sizes, so they fit every home.


For relaxation and cosiness in the living room, we can recommend one of our delicious bamboo sofas, which, despite their size, all work as light furniture of both comfort and quality. You can get bamboo sofas of varying dimensions with both right- and left-handed armrests.


If you are looking for a complete set of bamboo furniture, you can find single modules, sofas and armchairs that can be mixed and matched. You will find it in our bamboo lounge set category, which conveys the consistently minimalist style of exclusivity that Tine K guarantees.


For outdoor use when the sun is shining and you want some colour, one of our bamboo sunbeds is a stylish and comfortable way to enjoy the weather. We have both single and double sunbeds among our bamboo furniture. You can also find varying colors of mattress.


In the maintenance and treatment of your bamboo furniture, some questions may arise. You will find the answers here. If you have any additional questions not mentioned below, you are also more than welcome to contact us.


Bamboo is a robust material that is used to the vagaries of the weather. As a starting point, your bamboo furniture can therefore easily be left outside, but this may well depend on the individual type of bamboo, as well as weather conditions. If you live in areas with a lot of sun, rain or humidity, more frequent care may be necessary. We also recommend that you store your bamboo furniture dry during wet periods.


Bamboo, like any other natural material, requires care to remain beautiful and last a long time. You can extend the life of your bamboo furniture for many years by following a few steps. We recommend using the a cover to protect the bamboo from night dew and sun during the season. Wipe up spills immediately to reduce the risk of marks. Any mild detergent can be used. Store bamboo furniture in a dry and ventilated place after the summer season. We do not recommend that the furniture is left outside all year round. Cleaning bamboo furniture is neither difficult nor complicated, and we recommend that this be done twice a year. Start by washing your furniture, preferably with a high-pressure cleaner or use a sponge with soap and water. Spray WOCA outdoor deep cleaner on your furniture, leave for 20 minutes. Rinse the furniture with water and let it dry. Sand the surfaces lightly with a sandpaper sponge. Apply WOCA exterior oil with the supplied sponge and brush. Buy our bamcare kit here.


Bamboo, like any other natural material, requires care to maintain its original appearance. If you want your bamboo furniture to develop a more rustic appearance, you do not need to care for it to the same extent. We have arranged for the best care of your bamboo furniture in advance. They are produced as naturally and as gently as possible without the use of harmful chemicals, so that your furniture has the best conditions for a long life. We have also created a guide on how to treat your bamboo furniture in the best possible way. Click here to read it in more detail.



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