Scorpios Mykonos

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Although Scorpios is one of the worlds most exclusive beach clubs, and often mentioned in various reviews, Scorpios is not about showing off – its materials being natural, shapes and surfaces imperfect, craft-work vernacular, objects taken from farm households, art found, naive, colors subtle, nothing that strikes one as non-essential. There is no hint of affectation in its design. It exhibits itself without boasting. Simplicity is its ultimate sophistication.
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A perfect match

The trend in hotel decor is becoming more and more inspired by natural materials and not least of mixing materials. We especially see this trend in the new design hotels and beach clubs that decorate their outdoor areas with both bamboo furniture and the practical Doum furniture. 

The combination of these furniture makes it easy to create a relaxing environment where the guests can lean back and sit comfortably. Use bamboo furniture to create a lounge environment where people can get to know each other, or where families and friends can gather and share the day's experiences.

We love mixing  bamboo and doum for a modern and stylish look. The natural shapes and Scandinavian design goes well together, and the two details forms furniture which are extremely popular in both the design-conscious hotels and beach clubs where you want to get your toes into the sand, and keep them there until it is time to return home.

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