At this page you find a selection of customers who inspire us with their way of decorating with tinekhome. In between the customers we have also listed stylists and photographers who have worked with tinekhome at photographic retreats and in editorial projects.    

The selection includes hotels, showrooms, beach clubs and restaurants located around the world. Each of the selected projects have a unique style were raw natural materials have built the foundation for beautiful atmospheric places. They show us the way of making experiences relaxed and memorable.

As people travelling a lot, we see the importance of bringing it back to basic. Putting our feets in the sand and feeling the material and the surroundings of where we are.

We are all travellers, we wish to explore and bring back richness of exclusive experiences.


A perfect match





The trend in hotel decor is becoming more and more inspired by natural materials and not least by mixing the different materials. We especially see this trend in the new design hotels and beach clubs, where outdoor areas are decorated to create places where all senses are allowed to experience nature and the joy of being on a voyage.


Light the way





Cultures meet each other in tinekhome lanterns with their classic straight lines and traditional crafts. The lanterns are diverse and lights paths or greet guests at the entrance. Let the candle lights burn in the dark tropical evenings and in the cool Nordic winter days.


Dramatic dark and milky white

Every day ceramics teaches us about humility and to access things with love and small touches. The Dine ceramics from tinekhome is full of Asian richness, Japanese inspiration and invitations to slow down and enjoy the details and materials of the ceramics, as well as the taste and smell of the served food. The elegant porcelain bowls brings magic to the dinner table through the glaze texture and colors. The use of elegant porcelain of genuine craftsmanship makes the natural calmness of the material go hand in hand with the exclusive simplicity that culminates in a beautiful milky white magic, dramatic dark tones, and marvelous green colors. Let the ceramics find balance in your home and experience how lively the white glaze is when it reflects light, or how deep the dark glaze is when dark colors absorb light.

Tanizaki, a famous japanese writer, told that the best light for ceramic, is the shadow.


Be enchanted by the light



Let your guests eyes move around the room and let them experience every detail of their stay. Create a passage with basket lamps that guide them through the room while spreading an unforgettable light. With multiple lamps hanging together you will experience a sophisticated simplicity and even more so when the lamps move elegantly as a slight breeze moves through the room. A handmade lamp with a historical origin in rural Vietnam developed into a key element in modern decor.


B2B cooperation



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Modern & natural



Mixing bamboo and doum gives a modern and stylish look. The natural shapes and Scandinavian design goes well together, and the two details form furniture which are extremely popular in both the design-conscious hotels and beach club. The combination of bamboo furniture and Doum furniture makes it easy to create a relaxing environment where guests can lean back and sit comfortably. Use bamboo furniture to create a lounge environment where people can enjoy life and engage in good conversations, or where families and friends can gather and share the day’s experiences. Take a seat, stick your toes in the sand, and keep them there until it is time to return home.


Fly away on palm carpets

Crafts merged with durability and quality that can be felt when the feets are gently placed on the rug. The hand-braided jute and palm carpets create a focal point in the decor, both indoor and in the outdoor space. The rug will be the first the guest notices when morning dawns and it is time to get up and experience the surroundings. The sensation of the varied surface when moving through the room awakens your senses and lets you experience all impressions. The important thing is to send the guest home with a prolonged feeling of being out travelling and with a desire to return back soon again. Let the carpet sink in the sand by the lounge furniture and let it together with the furniture be a part of nature where the guests can let their thoughts fly away while capturing the moment.
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