Praia Verde Boutique Hotel


Design and nature are in the finest way combined in this hotel and the elegant architecture flows unnoticed together with the green plants and pine trees surrounding Praia Verde Boutique hotel. 

For relaxing and perfect cusine Praia Verde invites you indoor in a time capsule where time stands still and you feel at home immediately. After exploring the beautiful southern Portugal, all you want  is to go back home to the hotel, the food and the refreshing sea air. This is a place you do not wanna leave.


Sanne Ottosen

+45 28 14 24 70

[email protected]

Tine k home ceramic
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Dramatic dark tones and milky white magic

Every day ceramics teaches us about humility and to access things with love and small touches.

The new Dine ceramic from tinekhome is full of Asian richness, Japanese inspiration and invitations to slow down and enjoy the details, the taste, the smell and the materials. The elegant porcelain bowls brings magic to the dinner table through the glaze texture, colors and porcelain history.

The story of porcelain mixed with the concentrated craftsmanship makes the natural calmness go hand in hand with the exclusive simplicity that culminates in a beautiful milky white magic, dramatic dark tones and marvelous green colors.

Let the ceramics find balance in your home and experience how lively the white glaze is when it reflects light, or when dark colors absorb light.

Tanizaki, a famous japanese writer, told that the best light for ceramic, is the shadow.

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Tine K Home is an exclusive universe. Known for our natural and handmade products as well as unique finds that express history, culture, and traditional craftsmanship. A universe that represents designs where the materials are naturally sourced - Europe, Asia, and Africa - handcrafted by master craftsmen who pass their skills from one generation to the next, a blend of elegant simplicity that appeals to your senses. Find inspiration, whether it's for hotels, restaurants, beach bars or private spaces.

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