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Exclusive Tine K Home Throws - Luxurious Fabrics and Stunning Colours

Explore our exquisite collection of throws on this page. A throw has the power to elevate the cosiness of your home, and when you choose us, you will discover a range of delightful options. Our throws feature intricate details like fringed edges and are crafted from a variety of top-tier materials. You will find finely woven designs with patterns and choices in organic linen, cotton, wool, velour, and more. Whether you are preparing to snuggle up on the sofa as winter's chill approaches or aiming for a serene and minimalist bedroom look with a throw draped over the bed, our selection has you covered. Dive into our extensive range and select the colour, size, and material that perfectly suit your taste. We consistently introduce fresh additions to our collection, and if you have any inquiries about our products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

Our throws are thoughtfully curated for their world-class quality and craftsmanship. Our dedication lies in delivering throws that exude softness and offer a delightful, plush finish.

Within our collection, you will discover throws crafted from an array of materials, ranging from the gentle touch of cotton to the warm embrace of wool. Explore various options in terms of colours, patterns, and textures that align with your personal style and decor. Whether you lean towards the simplicity of timeless designs or the boldness of modern aesthetics, the perfect throw awaits you at Tine K Home.

For Moments of cosiness

Our throws serve a dual purpose. Beyond their functionality, they are designed to enrich your decor, infusing rooms with an air of cosiness and elegance. Draped over your sofa, bed, or armchair, they lend warmth and charm to your living space. Moreover, our throws double as captivating decorative accents that effortlessly capture attention.

In addition to indulging in the comfort of a Tine K Home throw, consider them as a good idea as a gift for your loved ones.

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Unveil the ultimate combination of comfort and style through Tine K Home's throw collection. Prepare to embrace the winter's chill with a luxurious, warming throw crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Start your exploration of our throw collection today and discover the perfect companion for cosy moments at home.

Tine K Home is an exclusive universe. Known for our natural and handmade products as well as unique finds that express history, culture, and traditional craftsmanship. A universe that represents designs where the materials are naturally sourced - Europe, Asia, and Africa - handcrafted by master craftsmen who pass their skills from one generation to the next, a blend of elegant simplicity that appeals to your senses. Find inspiration, whether it's for hotels, restaurants, beach bars or private spaces.

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