Beautiful moroccan tagine w. lid.
Our Moroccan tagines are handcrafted from chunks of Alabaster rock. Its beautiful expressive surface, makes it decorative if visible at home. Ideal to use as a container for spices, jewelry or small trinkets, or as serving plate, to impress guests, with appetizers. Our tagine is lovely in the Nordic kitchen because of it's earthy colour.

Our tagine is a product of nature, shape and finish is made from real traditional human craftsmanship, in Morocco. Each tagine is unique, and made from its own alabaster rock. As such, size and colour of a finished tagine is determined by the size and the intensity of grainings of the rock it was carved from. Some of the tagines will have a brownly colour and some will have a more light colour.

The size is approx. 10 cm wide and 4-5 cm in height, but can vary from one tagine to the other.


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Product specifications

Materiel Alabast
Colour White

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