Create a cozy lounge area with this bamboo sofa with phantom seat cushion and back cushion. The sofa's simple expression and Scandinavian design make it easy to integrate in the home, or on the terrace, the sofa can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Our bamboo furniture is handmade with tap joints, to bring out the best details in the bamboo. In a bamboo piece of furniture you get a beautiful natural design that is easy to move around and lasts for many years. Our bamboo furniture has been part of the collection for many years and is still among our most populary products. The furniture is represented worldwide in hotels, beach clubs, restaurants and in private homes.

In order for you to take the best possible care of your new bamboo sofa, we include a cover that will be used to protect your pillows and furniture from dew and light rain. Our bamboo furniture is treated with a water-based natural wood oil, which makes the furniture more resistant to wind and weather.

- Incl. Phantom cushion and pillow in 100% Cotton
- Incl. Cover
- Lounge sofa
- 160 x 87 x H 45/80 cm


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Product specifications

Size 160 x 87 x H 45/80 cm
Colour ICA Phantom
Materiel Bamboo

Tine K Home is an exclusive global universe, known for its natural and handmade products and unique finds expressive of culture, its history and traditional craftmanship. A universe representing a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living, where you can find inspiration whether it is for hotels, restaurants, beach clubs or for private spaces.

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