Ceramic moroccan

On this page you will find Tine K Home's selection of decorative Moroccan ceramics, which are both stylistic and decorative. The ceramics are available in various elegant colors and patterns so you can find something after your taste. We have a large selection of Moroccan ceramics, everything from bowls and dishes to egg carriers and coffee and tea mugs.

Moroccan ceramics

At Tine K Home, we have a long tradition of handmade ceramics from Morocco. The craft has been passed down from generation to generation, and the family business is proud of their work. Moroccan ceramics are known for their strong colours and stylistic patterns, which bring life to the table setting. At the same time, the ceramics can be used as serving dishes, fruit bowls, and beautiful dishes that decorate the home.

Handmade ceramics

Our handcrafted clay ceramics are made from traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and are the perfect addition to your table setting. Our Moroccan ceramics are glazed in beautiful bright colours, such as blue, black, terracotta, and grey. The Moroccan ceramics are made into bowls, egg carriers, dishes, and mugs, so you can find the ceramics you are missing in your collection. The ceramics are hand painted and subsequently fired for a beautiful glossy finish, which makes the ceramics resistant as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

Ceramic bowls

Our Moroccan ceramics include bowls in different glazes and sizes. That way, you can find just what you need. We have beautiful breakfast bowls, snack bowls, and larger serving bowls that are good for serving salads and delicious pasta dishes. In addition, our bowls can also be used for hot dishes such as soups, rice dishes, or noodle dishes. The bowls can go in the dishwasher and in the microwave, making them super practical for both everyday use and parties.

Egg carrier

The Moroccan ceramics also contain egg carriers with beautiful graphic lines, which are decorative and beautiful. The egg carriers are light beige in the basic colour and come with blue, grey, black, and terra-coloured stripes.

Serving dish

Like our Moroccan bowls, the ceramics are also available in different sizes and colours as serving dishes. You can find beautiful cake dishes, as well as large dishes that are suitable for serving delicious dinner dishes and smaller dishes that can decorate the table beautifully with fruit on them. The dishes are available with stripes in blue, grey, black, and terra.


Our Moroccan ceramics are also available in beautiful mugs with handles and thermos mugs without handles. The mugs are both good to drink from and decorative to look at. The mugs have fine vertical or horizontal stripes that give the mugs character and a stylistic look. The mugs have a beige base and are available with grey, blue, black, or terra-coloured stripes, so you can find one that fits in with your decor and colour to suit your taste.

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