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Lantern, oxidized solid brass, 30X30XH63 cm, tin

€360.00  €270.00
SAVE 25% Open 4-kantet glas lanterne, 15x15xH30 cm, sølv

Open 4-sided glass lantern, 15x15xH30cm, silver

€44.00  €33.00
SAVE 25% Åben 4-kantet glas lanterne,mini,12X12XH18, sølv

Open 4 sided glass lantern,mini,12x12xH18 cm, silv

€28.00  €21.00
SAVE 25% Åben 4-kantet glas lanterne, M,20x20xH30 cm, sølv

Open 4-sided glass lantern, M,20x20xH30 cm,silver

€56.80  €42.60
SAVE 25% Open 4-kantet glas lanterne, S, 15x15xH21cm, sølv

Open 4-sided glass lantern, S, 15x15xH21cm, silver

€40.00  €30.00
SAVE 25% Square glass lantern, medium

Square glass lantern, medium

€46.40  €34.80
SAVE 25% Square glass lantern, small

Square glass lantern, small

€32.00  €24.00
SAVE 25% Square glass lantern, mini

Square glass lantern, mini

€20.80  €15.60
SAVE 50% Lanterne, forsølvet messing,  24x24xH50 cm, sølv

Lantern, silver-plaited brass,24x24xH50 cm,silver

€178.40  €89.20
ODD SIZE: Special freight Lanterne m. stjerne, H94, sølv

Lantern w. star, H94, silver

SAVE 25% Lanterne SOLA, til enkelt lys, H52, sølv

Lantern SOLA, for one candle, H52, silver

€180.00  €135.00
SAVE 25% Enkel firkantet glaslanterne i sølvbelagt messing, str. M

Simple sqaure glass lantern in white silver, size M

€117.60  €88.20
SAVE 25% Lanterne til væg, 25 x 14 x H 40 cm, messing

Lantern for wall, 25 x 14 x H 40 cm, brass

€237.60  €178.20
SAVE 25% Lanterne til væg, 25 x 14 x H 40 cm, tin

Lantern for wall, 25 x 14 x H 40 cm, tin

€237.60  €178.20
SAVE 25% 6-kantet glas lanterne, 35 x 35 x H 65 cm, messing

6 sided glass lantern, 35 x 35 x 65 cm, brass

€237.60  €178.20
SAVE 25% Lanterne, oksideret messing, 25x25xH70, tin

Lantern, oxidized solid brass, 25x25xH70, tin

€237.60  €178.20


If the terrace needs elegant lighting, so you can enjoy the summer evenings in the garden, we warmly recommend one of our stylish, handmade lanterns of exclusive design. The lanterns are the obvious choice to hang in the trees of the garden or next to the doors of the house. Several of the models, you can hang on the walls, and of course it is also possible to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. At Tine K Home, the choice of material is crucial, and, therefore, we offer models of oxidized brass, which makes them look tough and elegant. You can also find variants of silver coated brass, and we strive to frequently update our selection with new, exciting models. If it sounds like something for you, you can take a look at our entire selection and find the right variant. If you want to hear more about our selection, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service.

Tines style is a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living. Inspired by travel and nature, Tine combines colors and traditional crafts to collections that with their consistent Scandinavian simplicity fits so nicely in the times design trend. Tine K Home A/S was founded in 1999 by Tine Kjeldsen and her husband Jacob Fossum.

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