Meet our retailers: Blackballoon
'Meet our retailers' is a serial of small interviews with some of our many, amazing retailers. The fourth retailer, we will introduce you to in this blogpost is Blackballoon from Sweden. 


Hi Blackballoon, please introduce yourself: 
Hi, my name is Johanna. I run Blackballoon from Dalarö, which is an island situated in the heart of the Stockholm archipelago. My family settled on Dalarö 4 years ago, in an old house from 1898. I was educated at the Swedish School of Textiles, at the University of Borås and later got my Master's degree at the Gothenburg School of Business. I have always loved and worked with decor, fashion and design. I collaborate with Mari Strenghielm, an Interior Stylist and Photographer from Sweden and have on several occasions organized a pop-up shop in a beautiful old house here on Dalarö. 


How long have you been a retailer at Tine K Home? 
Since 2011, but Tine K Home was familiar to me before, as I have followed and liked the collections for years. 


Why did you choose Tine K Home? 
Tine K Home fits perfectly into the concept we want to create at Blackballoon, with its elegant mix of clean Nordic design and lovely 'Boho' feeling. 







extra kopi.jpg

What characterizes Tine K Home from your view of point? 
Natural materials and a sustainable mindset, which is incredibly important. And of course a nice, simple design mixed up with luxury bohemian influences, which I see as a characteristic of the brand. 

What's your favorite Tine K Home products from the latest collection? Or maybe you have a favorite from an old collection?
The bamboo collection is obviously the big favorite, but I am also very fond of the rattan furniture. The textiles are always of good quality - in particular, then linen collection which is Oeko-tex certified and comes in a beautiful color scale. I love the versatility and use it frequently as a curtain, tablecloth and bedspread. 

How is Nordic design used in Sweden?
A pure style and with natural materials, clean lines and warm, earthy tones. Timeless design, practical and beautiful, created with skilled craftsmanship. For me, Nordic design is about a vision to create beautiful rooms to live in, which in turn become personal homes. 

Where can our customers find your beautiful store? 
On the web at or in our showroom on Dalarö, which is open by appointment. 

All photos in this blogpost is made in collaboration with Mari Stenghielm. 




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