Limited Edition now Online


We proudly present Limited Edition as our new exclusive category at tinekhome! 


This category contains unique founds from all over the world and green objects - handpicked by Tine. These unique founds has their own unique stories which can bee seen in their patterns and materials. 




This means that we now will sell beautiful Greens at tinekhome.

We are proud to present The Fiddle Leaf Fig (Figus Lyrata) as the first Green object at tinekhome. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is an exclusive plant and a must have in green trends.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is easy to hold, as the fig can stand without water for a long time, which is perfect for both private and shops.




The Fiddle Leaf Fig fits the following jars: GLAZEPOTXL-PH, GLAZEPOTXL-WH and JARVASE-XL-SMO. You can add our dish TRAYO26-BL or TRAYO32-BL (You can find them below).

We send our Greens in Europa (except Norway, England and Switzerland)

Tip: Dont water The Fiddle Leaf Fig to often.


Furthermore, you can now buy handmade unique traditional Vietnamese hats in smoked bamboo at tinekhome. But be quick - there are only few of each size! 

Tine handpicked these beautiful hats in Vietnam. They are multifunktionel and we love them as lamps with our socket and as wall decorations. 




The Vietnamese hats are very unique because of their specific sizes. The indicated sizes are therefore approx. sizes. In addition, the hats color may vary slightly. At tinekhome we have two sizes - Small and large. 

Take a look at our Vietnamese hats and experience the most beautiful patina and weaving that shows their Vietnamese history.


In our Limited Edition category you can also buy unique Moroccan carpets at tinekhome in beautiful colors and patterns. 


"The Moroccan carpets are unique because of it's sizes, colors and patterns from the region they come from. Furthermore, they are hand wowen by the berber women."


Each woman weaves the story of her life into the rugs. Traditionally, Moroccan tribal weaving were made exclusively by women and personal use. Dense pile rugs served not only as floor coverings but as seating, mattresses and blankets in the winter months.

The Carpets traditional dyes comes from local vegetation or minerals and some from shells. In Berber culture, the color blue symbolizes wisdom, red symbolizes strength and protection, green symbolizes peace and yellow symbolizes eternity. 

The Moroccan carpets are today extremely modern and in homes all over the world. 



Photo by Marlene Brix 

At tinekhome we have two different kinds of Moroccan carpets. The two different kinds are Kelim and Pile: 


Kelim denotes a flatwoven and pileless textile, whose many variations share a common heritage and are practiced all across Turkey, the Balkans and throughout the Arab world. Because the resulting weave is lightweight, these rugs are well adapted for use in the hot summer months and are happily embraced by Moroccan tribal weavers.

Flat weave carpets are carpets that are not knotted and thus have no pile. Rather, the pattern is developed by using wefts of different colors. Wefts are interlaced with warp threads and changed out for whichever color is required. 


Pile carpets are carpets with a pile. Historians think pile carpets were developed to mimic the warmth of animal pelts because of their plush  softness. This softness is the result of thousands of knots wrapped around warp and weft strings and then cut. The longer the knot ends, the longer the pile, and the plusher the rug. One side of the rug (usually the back, except in some Berber rugs) will be flat, with all the knot ends on the opposite side creating the pile. If the pile is very long, the intended pattern may be partially masked -- this is often intended by Moroccan weavers; over time, as the carpet is used the pile will wear down and the design will slowly, magically emerge.





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