Meet Annemo Qvist Picece from Italy

AQP Home TKH.jpgPhoto by Paulina Arcklin
Photo by Paulina ArcklinPhoto by Paulina Arcklin


Meet our agent Annemo Qvist Piece from Italy  and get to know her favorites from Tine K Home deco. In this post we bring a little insight in one of our employees daily life, personal favorites and best tips for shopping and inspiration. For that we have had a chat with our Italien agent about living in Italy and to hear her point of view on todays decor and design.

So sit back with a cup of coffee and come with us to Italy where we will visit Annemo Qvist Picece in her Milan based home and showroom.



Hi Annemo, please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Annemo, a Swede living in Milan with my husband and our three children. I run the Interior Agency AM Living Studio for which I have the office & Showroom just a little bit outside Milan. 



How long have you been agent for Tinekhome?

Since 2012 when we launched it here in Milano in the beautiful area called Brera. Directly after that we had a Tine K Home X-mas Popup shop in Via Mercanti, just next to the famous Piazza Duomo.



What do you think that Tinekhome can bring to Italian décor/Interior?

Natural materials, our light Nordic colors and handmade items add some relaxed and cozy atmosphere to the more typical strict Italian décor. Our collection always carries items that fit very good together, from our large furniture to textiles and small deco items, but you can also add just a few of them and the overall look will change. Our deco items invites you to add plants and natural objects in an easy and beautofil way into your ambience. A lantern, basket and our light Nordic colors creates a calm atmosphere without being stiff.



How is Nordic design used in Italy? Is it more or less a part of many homes, or how do Italian people live with Nordic design?

My personal experience is that it’s not a part of many homes, even if more and more people appreciate it and are looking for shops where to find the deco and details to create the style. One difference in general here is less cushions, blankets and green plants in the private interior than we use in the North of Europe. You actually don’t even find a direct translation of the word cozy in Italian.

Many really appreciate the Scandinavian design and it’s color palette and I think they get inspired from it’s simplicity that is different from the Italian one.






What is your favorite item from the latest collection? Or maybe you have a favorite from an old collection?

This is always a tricky question as so many of our items really become a favorite and gets used by both me and my family on a daily basis also privately. From our classic collection I use our DELI ceramic every single day, also for dinner parties etc, together with the small FACET glass for candles. From the new collection TOWELFEEL became an instant favorite and for sure the new lantern called LANOPEN. I use it with candles, flowers or deco items inside. 




What is your best tip for décor in private homes – and which item is essential for hotels and restaurants?

I personally always like to add real plants or flowers and some vintage items in a décor, it becomes personal and much more alive. For public spaces I would say the same depending on the style of the place of course, but if you put only a small green plant or flower on a table together with for example our classic FACET glass with a candle inside, then you change the complete atmosphere of that location.







AQP Home TKH towelfeel facet.jpgPhoto by Paulina Arcklin

Where do you shop interior in Milan?

Actually most flea markets, as I haven’t found a favorite interior shop here yet.



 After your opinion, what is the top 3 décor tricks today? Any specific material, are there more focus on a specific room or color?

Tricks that became more of a classic way of working since years are the things I mentioned already, a fresh plant or if you are allergic take a vase or pot and leave it empty, it’s a nice deco aswell if the jar itself is a nice one. Add something vintage, could be something from a trip or from the nature aswell, and in general, create small groups of your deco instead of spreading it out. It creates a more wholeness in the overall ambience.

Being Swedish I’m used to a lot of focus on the kitchen deco, as those are often the first space we invest in renovating in Sweden. White is a classic, but if you paint with a color and use for example lime or chalk paint on walls in a room, you will see that every item you put in front of that wall will change it’s character to a more deep one.





Want more decor tips from Annemo, visit her instagram.






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