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Below is a draft of the trade terms for trading with Tine K Home A/S. Only available in English.

1. Technical information, product information, etc.

All information in brochures, catalogues, price lists, etc. regarding weight, dimensions, capacity, color, and data are approximate and shall only be binding to the extent that the agreement expressly refer to them.

2. The first order with Tine K Home A/S (minimum order)

As a new customer with Tine K Home A/S, the first order shall be minimum DKK 25.000/EUR 3.000 (ex. furniture). . Accordingly the customer will receive a prepayment invoice, containing all the information necessary. Tine K Home A/S expects payment for the prepayment invoice max. 7 days from the date of issue. If payment deadline is approaching, Tine K Home A/S recommends the customer to email a copy of the payment transfer to . The goods will be reserved in this period. Hereafter, the order will be cancelled if payment has not been received. 

3. Resale of Tine K Home A/S’s goods

Sales of Tine K Home A/S’s goods are only allowed to end-consumers. Intercompany sales and sales to other companies are not allowed without Tine K Home A/S’s permission.

4. Delivery

Provided that no other agreement has been made, all orders are booked at the current prices on the day of delivery and are, as regards prices and delivery, subject to strikes, lockouts and any other circumstance that is beyond our control, cf. item 9. Unless a written agreement exists, the time of delivery stated is at the discretion of Tine K Home A/S and subject to the goods being unsold. Should Tine K Home A/S be unable to deliver the sold goods in accordance with the time of delivery agreed upon or in accordance with an extended delivery time as stated in the preceding item, the purchaser shall be entitled to cancel the purchase. Tine K Home A/S’ liability for any loss that the purchaser may suffer as a consequence of a delay or non-delivery cannot exceed 1% of the invoice amount in DKK. Any such loss must be substantiated.

If you choose to pick-up your own order at our warehouse, a packaging fee will be added.

5. Freight

Tine K Home A/S will take care of the freight of all orders, unless otherwise agreed. Freight rates are always subject to best possible daily rates with the preferred forwarder. 

Please note that bigger items such as Furniture can trigger an extra freight calculation. 

Orders below DKK 1.000/EUR 150, a handling fee of 250DKK/EUR35 will be added.

For private delivery a fee of DKK 100/EUR 15 will be added.

The prices stated in offers and agreements are exclusive of packaging and VAT as well as any government taxes provided that no other agreement applies. 

6. Special Customer Wishes for Deliveries on Fixed Dates

Fixed delivery dates for orders 3 months or more ahead of time release special terms. On the exchange of a 100 % pro forma down payment on the total value we will currently reserve the goods in stock to completion and security of your order.

7. Design changes

Tine K Home A/S reserves the right to make any changes to the design, form, etc. without any previous notice to the purchaser, should Tine K Home A/S deem it necessary. Any such changes shall only entitle the purchaser to cancel the purchase if the purchaser can prove that a certain design, form, etc. was a prerequisite for the purchase. 

Any changes made, and a cancellation of the purchase as a consequence hereof, shall not entitle the purchaser to any damages.

8. Transfer of risk

Unless another agreement applies, the delivery is considered sold ex works, cf. Incoterms. Tine K Home A/S shall give the purchaser adequate notice in order to enable the purchaser to have the delivery at his or her disposal when it is ready for collection.

9. Payment

The payment terms of Tine K Home A/S are as stated on the invoice. Should the purchaser not pay on time, and the delay is not caused by Tine K Home A/S, Tine K Home A/S shall be entitled to charge default interest from the due date equal to 1.75% per month. The delivery shall remain the property of Tine K Home A/S until full payment has been made. Bills of exchange or debt instruments are not considered payment until repayment in full has been made.

All soft furniture are made to order and needs to be prepaid before we start production!

10. Bank transfer

Timely payment of goods from Tine K Home A/S shall take place within the date stated on invoice.

Remember to state customer name and invoice no.

11. Payment directly to Tine K Home A/S’ bank account

Payment and bank details for account in DKK:

Danske Bank, Frederiksberg afd., Erhverv/Commercial
Falkoner Allé 55
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Account no.: 4183 4530074439
IBAN: DK4630004530074439

Payment and bank details for account in EURO:

Danske Bank, Frederiksberg afd., Erhverv/Commercial
Falkoner Allé 55
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

IBAN: DK3730004530117863

Payments shall always follow the instructions stated on invoice.

Please note: for some European countries, a national bank account is available to make the payment easier for the customer. See invoice for further information.

Tine K Home A/S does not accept bank cheques.

12. Delivery when having a due balance

Tine K Home A/S accepts orders from customers who have a due balance. However, Tine K Home A/S cannot deliver goods before the due balance has been fully paid.

13. Liability for tort - product liability

Should a delivery from Tine K Home A/S cause damage, Tine K Home A/S shall be responsible for any personal injuries provided that it is proved that the damage is owed to actions or omissions made by Tine K Home A/S. Tine K Home A/S shall not be responsible for damage to real and personal property. Tine K Home A/S shall under no circumstances be liable for consequential loss, loss of income, or any other indirect losses. Should Tine K Home A/S incur third-party liability, the purchaser undertakes to indemnify Tine K Home A/S to the extent that such liability exceeds the limits established above. The purchaser undertakes to have his or her case tried at the same court as the one trying the claim for damages against Tine K Home A/S in connection with damages allegedly caused by a delivery from Tine K Home A/S.

14. Exemption from liability - force majeure

The following circumstances shall imply exemption from liability when they occur after entering the agreement and act as an hindrance to the fulfillment of the agreement. Industrial disputes, strikes, lockouts and any other circumstance beyond the control of the parties such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military call-ups of a similar extent, acts of sabotage, requisition, embargos, exchange controls, riots and commotions, lack of means of transportation, ordinary scarcity of goods, restrictions on fuels and defective deliveries from sub-suppliers or delay of such deliveries caused by any of the circumstances mentioned in this item. The party wishing to invoke any of the circumstances mentioned shall, without undue delay, advise the other party in writing of the start and termination of the event. Both parties shall be entitled to cancel the agreement by written notice to the other party when the performance of the agreement within reasonable time will be impossible due to any of the circumstances mentioned in this item.

15. Settlement of disputes - venue

Disputes in connection with the agreement and the provisions hereof shall be settled according to Danish law with the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court acting as venue.

16. Return and cancellation policies

Tine K Home A/S does not offer cancellation after the goods has left our warehouse, neither do Tine K Home practice or accept returns of goods.

For the first 24 hours, upon placing an order, you are able to make adjustments add and remove items on your order.

17. Claims 

How to act legally at receipt of goods from Tine K Home A/S.

17.1. Defective goods

Complaints to Tine K Home A/S shall be made within 7 days from the receipt of the goods to [email protected]Please always state your invoice number. 

Special attention should be paid to boxes and pallets although they do not look damaged on the outer package. It is indeed possible that the content may be defect and has been damaged during transport without any signs of it showing on the outer package at receipt.

Tine K Home A/S’s customers have to be aware that at receipt of goods, the driver is under an obligation to wait until the customer have inspected the goods and is 100% sure that no goods are damaged, whether it concerns pallets, boxes, or furniture. This is especially important when receiving pallets and boxes in seemingly perfect condition – i.e. without any outer signs of the pallets or boxes being damaged.

Tine K Home A/S recommend that customers never sign the bill of carriage without ensuring that the goods have not been damaged. Should the customer choose to sign for the goods immediately at receipt, it is important to make a note of reservations for latent damage on the bill of carriage – this can only be done by making the note on the bill of carriage in handwriting and not by means of a stamp.

In all cases of receipt of damaged goods, Tine K Home A/S is to be informed of this immediately via email: [email protected], or via the claim form on - with attached pictures of the damaged goods. Visible damage at receipt must be noted at delivery. Latent damage must be reported within 7 days from receipt.

When this procedure is carried out, Tine K Home A/S’s carriers are under a legal obligation to compensate the customer for all defect goods which have been damaged during transport in accordance with the CMR legislation.

Should customers forget about this procedure, neither Tine K Home A/S nor the carriers shall be legally bound to pay damages for the defect goods which have been damaged during transport to the customer.

17.2 Remedying of defects

In a period of three consecutive months after delivery to a first user, Tine K Home A/S undertakes, without undue delay, to make a replacement delivery or a repair at the purchaser’s own choice should the delivery be defective in a way that is owed to the design, material, or manufacture. Remedying shall not include any instances in which defects are the result of the delivery not being maintained and used in full keeping with the instructions from Tine K Home A/S, wrong or inappropriate use, modifications or technical interventions made without the written consent from Tine K Home A/S or extraordinary climatic impacts. Ordinary wear and tear is not covered by the remedying right.

Should the purchaser wish to make a complaint about any defects, a written complaint should be made without undue delay as soon as the defect has been found. Tine K Home A/S will, without undue delay, remedy the defect after having received a complaint about a defect which is considered to be covered by this provision. If the purchaser is capable of remedying the defect at his or her site, Tine K Home A/S’s obligation to remedy the defect shall according to this provision be fulfilled by forwarding a new or repaired part. Should defective deliveries or parts be returned to Tine K Home A/S for the purpose of a replacement delivery or repair, the purchaser shall bear the costs and risk of dispatch unless another agreement applies.

When forwarding deliveries or parts in the form of a replacement delivery or repaired parts to the purchaser, dispatch shall be at the expense and risk of Tine K Home A/S unless another agreement applies. Defective parts which have been replaced in accordance with the above shall be at the disposal of Tine K Home A/S. Tine K Home A/S shall provide remedying right for parts of the delivery that have been replaced or repaired on the same terms and conditions as the original delivery. However, Tine K Home A/S’ obligation to remedy the defect shall not apply to any part of the delivery after 3 months from delivery to purchaser. When the risk of delivery has passed to the purchaser, Tine K Home A/S shall no longer be liable for any defects apart from the obligations stated above. Tine K Home A/S disclaims liability for any indirect losses such as consequential loss or loss of time that the defect may have caused the purchaser.

18. Copyright

Images, logo, text and other material on may only be used in other contexts with permission from Tine K Home.

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