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We love seeing how you integrate and style TineKHome products in your home with #tinekhome on Instagram.
We really appreciate your creativity. 


Therefore we kindly ask you to share your beautiful photos with us on tinekhome.com, TineKHome's social media and newsletters by responding to our request with the hashtag #yestinekhome. You will of course be credited for your photo. Credit will be a link to your profile on Instagram. 


By using our hashtag #yestinekhome, you agree to the following: 

  • TineKHome A/S has permission to use any of your photos there are tagged with #yestinekhome on tinekhome.com, TineKHome's social media, website and newsletters. The agreement is royalty-free which means that TineKHome can use your photo in multiple applications on multiple mediaplatforms without having to pay a royality for each application. 
  • TineKHome A/S will not have the ownership of your photos but has the right to use your photos for marketing on tinekhome.com, TineKhome's social media and in newsletters with your use of #yestinekhome. 
  • You hereby declare that you have all rights to your photos, and that any persons appearing in your photos have accepted that TineKHome may share your photos. TineKHome's use of your photos will therefore not violate the rights of any third party nor any law.
  • Furthermore, you release TineKHome from any obligation to pay you for any use of your photos mentioned above. 


We are looking forward to se much more inspiration and share your TineKHome design moments in one big community. 


Kind regards
Tine K Home 

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