This scarf is hand-spun from 50% non-violent silk and 50% merino wool. The scarf is produced in Assam in northern India, where the silk is dyed naturally. This light brown colour comes from tea. The process is not violent, which means that no harm has been done to the many silk worms involved in order to produce the silk. Therefore, you can buy, wear and enjoy this scarf with a clear conscience. The mixture of silk and merino wool makes the scarf both light and incredibly comfortable to wear. The two materials create a fantastic dynamic in the weaving. Both the non-violent silk and the merino wool are hand-spun using a traditional technique from the Assam area.


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Product specifications

Washing instruction wool wash
Colour Tea
Size 90 x 90 cm
Materiel Non-violent silk/marino wool
Production hand-woven

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