Limited flowers - Baby’s breath


We have just received the most beautiful Candyfloss Baby’s breath on our webshop. These flowers brings everyday life more colour, sparkle and joy. Candyfloss Baby’s breath is a must right now and is called Unicorn, Pastel and Candyfloss.
Candyfloss Baby’s breath is bought fresh. Put the Baby’s breath in water for a week and then empty the case for water and allow the flowers to dry. Then you got dry Candyfloss Baby’s breath which is also very pretty. They fade a little over time, but still look beautiful.
The colours are produced by cutting a cross. Then the stem is cut into four parts, each part being put into four different pastel colors.
The flower cost 20 euro per bundle. A bundle is 5 branches. It is not possible to get more or les branches in one bundle.
Height 80 cm
These flowers are perfect with our Glbottles or our Gljar in size M.

*The vase is not part of the price


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Product specifications

Size H 80 cm
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