Comes in more colours and materials RUND PUF | MOSS VALNØD | 100 CM


Comes in more colours and materials PUF | ICA KHAKI | 45 X 48 cm

POUF | ICA KHAKI | 45 X 48 cm

Comes in more colours and materials POUF | ICA WHITE | 80 cm

POUF | ICA WHITE | 80 cm

Comes in more colours and materials POUF | ICA WHITE | 80 cm

POUF | ICA WHITE | 80 cm



A home should be comfortable and if you are looking for added home comfort, buying a pouf is the way to go. At Tine K Home we are thrilled to offer you a wide selection of beautiful, modern poufs to compliment your living rooms and lounge areas. Whether you are looking for a small footstool or a larger piece of furniture, you have come to the right place!
We are Scandinavian through and through and that seeps into everything we do, including the design of our poufs. They are beautifully simple, and our hope is that they will function not only as an element of comfort, but also as a canvas for the decorative items you already own.

Beauty lies in the simplicity

A pouf is not a complicated object, but we still think it should be a beautiful one. At Tine K Home we believe that sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful thing of them all. We also know that a home is created though the lives lived in it. When creating our poufs, we do it with that in mind – we want you to find a piece of furniture that fits seamlessly into your life.
We love the comfort and style a small pouf brings to a sofa arrangement:

•    Most of our smaller options will fit well with your already existing living room décor. 

•    Place it next to your sofa as an extension to use as a footrest or use it as an extra seating option. 

•    It is a small, yet noticeable, elegant piece of furniture that will complete your living room space.

We also love our bigger options:

•    Our circular pouf with a backrest is perfect for creating a unique, intriguing living room space. 

•    It is also a great choice as a seating option in lounge areas, office spaces and waiting rooms of any type.

However, the style of furniture is not the only thing of importance. The colour is equally as important. Getting a pouf to match the colour palette you have already chosen for your home should be easy and free of problems. That is why we offer 20 different colour variants to choose from. Get one that matches your sofa or chairs or choose to go bold and pick a contrasting colour to beautifully compliment the colours you already have and love. 

Our options

We offer an assortment of poufs in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Throughout our catalogue you will find suede poufs along with velvet and heavy linen materials. We also offer a myriad of beautiful colours including white, cream, rose, deep blue, mossy green, grey and black
The furniture covers are removable, giving you the option to invest in a few different ones. That way you can change the colour of your pouf to fit the seasons – creamy white for the summer, a rusty orange for fall and maybe a mossy green for wintertime.
Our sizing ranges from the smaller square poufs measuring 80x80xH35 cm to our biggest options, the circular pouf with a backrest, that measures 75 cm in height and 160 cm in diameter. Alongside these options you will find bigger square poufs as well as short and tall circular options. We also carry a half circle version of the circular pouf with a backrest, making it fit snugly against any wall.

Materials and colours

We use a few different fabrics for our poufs so whether you would prefer suede, velvet or heavy linen is up to you. If you have a hard time deciding between our 20 different fabrics and colours, you have the option to order the Tine K Home Fabric Book from our website.
By bringing our fabric and colour samples into your home, you have a chance to see which colours and fabrics are best suited for your home and sense of style. If you settle on a colour and purchase an item, the cost of the book will be deducted from the furniture’s price.

Customize your own

is important to us that you love the furniture you buy from us and we want you to be able to use it no matter the size of your home. We know that every home is different. You might have a limited amount of space or an excess of it.
If you find something in our collection you like but worry that it is either too big or too small, then we are here to help. Our furniture is produced when ordered, so contact us with your measurements and we will be more than happy to customize a new pouf catering to your specific needs.

How to care for your new furniture

A pouf does not need a lot of care. In many ways you care for it the same way you care for your sofa or lounge chairs. Clean it from time to time and make sure to remove any spills immediately to avoid creating stains. 
Generally, these are the rules to follow:

•    Cleaning measures can differ from material to material. It is, however, advisable that furniture in frequent use also be frequently cleaned. 

•    Velvet and suede materials do well with a cloth or suede brush to remove dust and dirt, and to keep the fabric from looking dull and limp. It is also an option to vacuum both velvet, suede, and heavy linen. Make sure to use an upholstery attachment to put as little strain on the fabric as possible. 

 •    If necessary, the fabric can be washed, but be especially careful with the frequency of washings regarding our suede and velvet fabrics. When washing, use gentle settings, mild soaps and let it air dry.
If you have any further questions you are more than welcome to contact us. We are always happy to help!

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