CARPET | JUTE | 140 X 200 CM


CARPET | JUTE | 140 X 200 CM

€213.60  €106.80

CARPET | JUTE | 300 X 400 CM


CARPET | JUTE | 300 X 400 CM

€712.80  €356.40

CARPET | JUTE | 300 X 400 CM



Welcome to Tine K Home - your gateway to a world of exquisite and fashionable carpets! In our captivating collection of rugs, you will discover a diverse range of designs and materials, including round carpets and jute carpets. Join us on an inspiring journey through our selection, where comfort, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness harmoniously converge.

Round Carpets - Infuse Harmony and Dynamism into Your Space

A round carpets introduces a distinct sense of harmony and dynamism to any room in your home. Its circular design creates a soft and inviting ambiance, softening the lines of the room and instilling a feeling of balance. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or children's room, a round carpet provides a cozy foundation, tying your decor together in the most elegant manner.

Our selection of round carpets encompasses various styles, colours, and patterns to cater to every taste and interior design preference. From modern and sophisticated to bohemian-inspired and romantic, we offer the perfect round carpets to complement your unique decor.

Jute Carpets - Embrace Natural Beauty and Eco-friendliness

Our jute carpets celebrate the allure of nature and eco-friendly attributes. Jute is a natural fiber that boasts minimal impact on the environment during production. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking an interior design with a focus on environmentally conscious materials.

Jute carpets infuse warmth and texture into your home, enabling you to create a cozy and natural ambiance. Whether it is a large carpet for the living room or a smaller one for the entryway, our jute carpets will transform your space with their innate beauty and timeless elegance.

Tine K Home - Where Quality and Style Meet

At Tine K Home, you can rest assured that you are acquiring high-quality products crafted with love and respect for nature. Our collection of carpets, including round carpets and jute carpets, is carefully curated to ensure you receive carpets that are not only beautiful but also durable.

Discover the perfect carpet for your home at Tine K Home, allowing it to become a central element in your decor. Create a space that exudes comfort, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness with our exceptional selection of carpets - thoughtfully designed to make your home even more distinctive and inviting.

Tine K Home is an exclusive universe. Known for our natural and handmade products as well as unique finds that express history, culture, and traditional craftsmanship. A universe that represents designs where the materials are naturally sourced - Europe, Asia, and Africa - handcrafted by master craftsmen who pass their skills from one generation to the next, a blend of elegant simplicity that appeals to your senses. Find inspiration, whether it's for hotels, restaurants, beach bars or private spaces.

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